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The Sewing Labs  Welcomes Fran Gajardo


Y.A.N.G. is an Upcycling brand created by me, sustainable designer Francisca Gajardo, from Iquique, Chile. The north of Chile is known for having the biggest second-hand markets of the country, and the biggest textile landfills as well. Growing up surrounded by that made me question why do we keep making clothes? If there is so much textile waste and so many good quality pieces in the street markets for less than a dollar.

Fran was in the USA as a Fellow with Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) which is support by the State Department.  She will be hosted by The Sewing Labs for 4 weeks of the 2022 summer.  Fran taught sustainable workshops at The Sewing Labs. This is your opportunity to see her global view of how fast fashion and  disposable clothing is effecting our planet and what she does to make a positive purposeful impact.

Read more about her story and her mission on her social media 

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