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The Sewing Labs, a Registered Apprenticeship Host and Related Training Instructor with the US/MO Department of Labor,  offers an extensive training course  in the Sewing Salon Training Program. You will learn:

  • Industrial Sewing Machine Operator and Domestic Sewing Machine Operator instruction
  • Fundamental sewing skills and knowledge creating a strong foundation for any and all fields of sewing
  • Hands On education and practice of the Tools of the Trade to gain a well-rounded understanding of industrial sewing skills
  • Inside look at production processes and live production work to understand the needs of the industry
  • Site tours and interviews with many local production houses and factories
  • FREE domestic sewing machine, to all participants once the Domestic Sewing Machine Module is complete
  • FREE Basic Sewing Tool kit, Rotary cutting kits, and Reference Books and support materials
  • PAID on the Job Apprenticeship with a local employer who is part of the Registered Apprenticeship group
  • FREE training instruction when qualified.

Please use this Link for scholarship if needed.

Scholarship Application 

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