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The Sewing Labs, a Registered Apprenticeship Host and Related Training Instructor with the US/MO Department of Labor,  offers an extensive training course  in the Sewing Salon Training Program.

  • Industrial Sewing Machine Operator and Domestic Sewing Machine Operator instruction
  • Fundamental sewing skills and knowledge creating a strong foundation for any and all fields of sewing
  • Hands On education and practice of the Tools of the Trade to gain a well-rounded understanding
  • Inside look at production processes and live production work to understand the needs of the industry
  • Site tours and interviews with many local production houses and factories
  • FREE domestic sewing machine, to all participants once Domestic Sewing Machine Modual is complete
  • FREE Basic Sewing Tool kit, Rotary cutting kits and Reference Books and support materials
  • PAID on the job Apprenticeship with a local employer who is part of the Registered Apprenticeship group
  • FREE training instruction when qualifed.

Applications for the Sewing Salon Training Program are currently OPEN.

Apply TODAY for a spot in our next Cohort, evenings beginning in March 2024.  

We encourage you to apply for the program and join us in pursuing your passion for sewing. In the meantime, we will continue to update our website with the latest information, so please stay tuned for any program-related news, resources, and updates.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome new members to our Sewing Salon community in the upcoming year.

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