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The Sewing Labs is a welcoming and inclusive community teaching the legacy of sewing for employment, entrepreneurship, and enrichment.

In our focus for Workforce Development we focus on individuals who find themselves in at risk situations and through sewing lead them toward lives filled with financial and emotional dignity.  When we teach them how to sew, we can connect them to work in sewing!  The Sewing Labs is preparing a pipeline of stitchers for our greater Kansas City community.  This pipeline starts with the individual, then connects them to training at The Sewing Labs.  The Sewing Labs is officially partnered with the United States and Missouri Department of Labor as a Registered Apprenticeship Sponsor and serves as the Related Training Institute for Industrial Sewing Machine Operator training. These individuals will complete their training as an Apprentice with a local Kansas City employer partner in the On The Job training component.

In our focus as a valued Community Sewing Lab we provide a space where individuals are nurtured and empowered through the legacy of sewing.  The Sewing Labs experiences firsthand the tremendous health and wellness benefits that sewing brings to the clients in our programs. Every day, at The Sewing Labs, we see the remarkable boost to self-confidence and sense of accomplishment that sewing brings. Sewing has the result of boosting mental health and it functions as a relief from the pressures that surround us in our world today.  Individuals from all types of "life-cloth" become part of a community that supports one another and works to rise each other up.





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    Singer Sewing Machines
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    Curry Family Foundation
  • LDH Scissors
    LDH Scissors

    In 1990, LDH Scissors was founded in Shenzhen, just outside of Hong Kong, by a young couple who simply needed better quality sewing scissors. Fast forward to 2018, Roy and Ursula have brought the company to Toronto, Canada, bringing with them the same Love, Dedication and Happiness that made it all possible.

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    Martha Creek
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    Weave Gotcha Covered!

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