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Sewing Salon Training Program


Sewing Salon Training Program Overview

The Sewing Salon Training Program (SSTP) teaches the vocational skills of Industrial Sewing Machine Operators. SSTP is a Registered Apprenticeship Program with the Missouri and United States Department of Labor. The program consists of 30 weeks of Related-Job-Training in our classroom followed by a paid apprenticeship of 2,000 hours (roughly a year working full-time) with our Employer Partners.

Classes are taught by experienced industry professionals who are active in the marketplace. This vocational training teaches the operator skills on a variety of machines and industrial production systems and methods to develop a well-rounded knowledge of the industrial sewing marketplace.

Participation in the Program Includes:
  • 8 weeks of Fundamental Domestic and Construction Skills
  • 22 weeks of Industrial Production & Operator skills
  • Site visits of local employers and workrooms to understand the industry
  • Resume and Interview training
  • Professional mentoring from Employer Partners to support the individual through the journey
  • Alumni has access to our Job Board for contract sewing work
Requirements for Participation:
  • The Sewing Labs and its Employer Partner will adhere to established non-discriminatory and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) policies and practices when recruiting and selecting apprentices and will administer the selection process in a fair and consistent manner.
  • Every person requesting an application will have one made available.
  • All applicants will be required to provide supporting documents (US driver's license; birth certificate or other acceptable proof of age, and social security card) Must have documentation to prove work eligibility in the United States.
  • Eligible starting age of 18 years.
  • Must be able to perform the essential functions of this occupation with/without reasonable accommodations and without posting a direct threat to the health and safety of the individuals and others.
  • Basic understanding of the English language.
  • Participant is NOT required to have a sewing background
  • Participant must participate in a PAID On-the-Job learning experience with a local On-the-Job Apprenticeship Employer Partner for 2,000 hours.

Applications for the Sewing Salon Training Program are currently OPEN.

Applications for a spot in our next Cohort, mornings beginning in August 2024, are OPEN.

We encourage you to apply for the program and join us in pursuing your passion for sewing. In the meantime, we will continue to update our website with the latest information, so please stay tuned for any program-related news, resources, and updates.

We look forward to the opportunity to welcome new members to our Sewing Salon community in the upcoming year.