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Lindsey Ryan - Industrial Sewing Instructor

Lindsey Ryan - Industrial Sewing Instructor

Lindsey Ryan is a Legacy Student from The Sewing Labs, where she honed her skills in the art of sewing and manufacturing. Under the guidance of industry expert Nancy Peterson and Kelly Wilson working at Sacred Stitches, Lindsey gained valuable experience, establishing a strong foundation in garment manufacturing. Having had the pleasure of running her own "Cut and Sew" micro factory, Bee2Bee Sewing, specializing in providing sewing contract services for small local businesses, She brings this expertise, as well as many other life lessons, to her teaching instruction.

In addition to her career pursuits, Lindsey is passionate about various crafts. In her free time, she channels her creativity into quilting and crafting, showcasing her commitment to the art of handmade creations. Lindsey also extends her passion to the well-being of her pets, dedicating time to create handcrafted dog toys. This dual commitment reflects Lindsey's multifaceted interests and her dedication to both her professional and personal growth.