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Robert Lackie - Classroom Instructor & Creative Art Therapist

Robert Lackie - Classroom Instructor & Creative Art Therapist

For more than 20 years, Robert has worked as a licensed professional mental health psychotherapist and registered art therapist. He holds a Master of Arts in Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy, as well as a Master of Science in Art Therapy. He is actively involved in many aspects of charity fundraising, design, artisan soapmaking and delivery of goods and services to people in his community. Robert is an outspoken disabilities advocate and a national spokesperson for art therapy in the schools. He was chosen by the Kansas Board Of Education as the 2010 Educator of the Year for Arts and Disabilities. That same year, he was named the Clinician of the Year by American Art Therapy Association for his outstanding work with children and adolescents.
Robert’s artistic repertoire also includes interior and event design, making jewelry, custom sewing, painting and ceramic arts, and blending new and different essential oils and fragrances for his products.
His substantial resourcefulness and talent is only surpassed by his warmth and genuine friendliness, compassion, and generosity to share his knowledge and wisdom with others.