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Quilting Classes & Events

Class Calendar Link - check out the monthly calendar to register for training or rentals

Longarm Quilt Operator Training - learn to operate the Gammill Statler Stitcher or Gammill Class Stitch Regulated Free Motion machine. This course is required if you want to rent our machines.
You will learn:
* Preparing your quilt
* Preparing the machine
* Loading your quilt
* Gammill Statler Stitcher CAD system
* Gammill Classic Stitch Regulated - Hand driven quilting
* Off loading your quilt
* Tips & Tricks & recommendations

Rent a Longarm Quilting Machine to Quilt yourself!
To rent a machine you must first attend a Longarm Quilt Machine Operator Training

Once you have taken the Operator Training - and been approved to now quilt yourself you can Rent the Longarm machines.
Machine Rental Fees
* Block of 2 hours = $50 minimum
* $20 for each additional hour - time charged in 15m increments
* Fee does not include batting, backing or binding - batting can be purchased for $8 per yd.
* All rental times require pre-registration - NO drop ins!
* Statler Quilting - E2E patterns to choose from

Hire a Trained Sewist to quilt your quilt - Longarm machine quilting services available.      

Edge to Edge (E2E) patterns from the TSL library

Machine Quilting @ 3₡ per square inch – 4-8 weeks delivery

BYOB – Bring you own backing

Backed Pieced by TSL – Optional – Add $15

Trimming by TSL - Optional – Add $10

Binding Services – Add $45 – machine binding only available – Optional

Drop Off/Pick Up services ONLY – no shipping services available

80/20 batting provided – you can bring your own to sub if desired (does not reduce the cost)

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