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Shiloh Ware "Shy" - Longarm Quilting Instructor

Shiloh Ware "Shy" - Longarm Quilting Instructor

Shiloh Ware started collecting dolls when they were 17 years old and started sewing the next day. Over the next 9 years, they dedicated a significant portion of their time handcrafting doll clothes as a passionate hobby, nurturing dreams of transforming their love for the art into a fulfilling career. In June of 2021, Shiloh took a pivotal step in their sewing odyssey by enrolling in the Sewing Salon Program, aspiring to elevate their skills to a professional level.

Upon successfully completing the program in 2022, Shiloh embraced a new opportunity that beckoned them: training as a long arm operator for The Sewing Labs. Since then, they have been ardently pursuing mastery of the long arm machine and its CAD system. Shiloh's dedication is evident through the completion of official Gammill training courses and countless hours spent honing their proficiency with the machine.

While Shy now specializes in the long arm machine they continue to channel their creativity into sewing doll clothes, garments, and quilts during their free time. Their passion extends to infusing a love for Halloween and all things spooky and peculiar into their creations.